The Grey Tide

Recap 5
Everything else...

The following day the party paid another visit to the slave market where they executed a plan to reclaim the magical rod Vindir traded for the halflings lives. Not all went as planned but the party was successful and Vindir earned the moniker Vindir the Bloodless for his duel with a Goliath caravan guard. They later visited Coldbrew Chemists and gained insight into the location of several Eldar in Arenhal. The decided they would initially investigate the Eldar captured by the Thieves Guild but first the party decided to find the werewolf terrorizing the city. Vindir opted to turn in for the night while Edgar and Karina followed the scent of the beast within the city. They ran into Azlyria on the way and found themselves in a store near to Jin's house. The group questioned the shopkeepers until they discovered that one of the shopkeepers was actually the werewolf. Set upon without Vindir the part fought had and manipulated the other shopkeepers to help them fight off the beast emerging victorious. Deciding it was better to vacate before the other shopkeepers shrugged of Edgar's magic they grabbed what they could from the werewolf corpse and fled.

The following day Vindir set off to find the entrance to the Thieves Guild while the other members stocked up. Vindir was able to find the entrance from one of the city guards posing as an inspector. The party finally met Vindir at the entrance to one of the city guard towers with the entrance. Just inside the door they met a green thieves guild member Kerv who believed they were hired to deal with a Gnoll infestation in the guild. A short conversation later the party (Vindir) convinced Kerv that we was supposed to join the part in their exploration of the guild. The party delved into the old, unused, side of the guild. They moved carefully into the city underground until they came across the grizzly scene of some fight but triggered a trap while investigating. Water began to flood into the underground and the party found themselves trapped behind thick stone doors. Edgar did what he could to buy the party time by freezing the incoming water. Finally the release was discovered and the flooding ceased.

In the parties excitement they pushed forward a little recklessly and the rogue Kerv suddenly found a javelin in his chest. The Gnolls had finally been found. The gnolls fought to the last but were overwhelmed by the parties assault. After a brief rest the party pushed deeper into the underground. They found a tunnel and surmised it's how the Gnolls broke in; they also found a door braced from the wrong side. The quietly removed the bracing and open the door and stared face to face with a slumbering Bulette. They quietly prepared a synchronized attack on the beast and defeated it quickly before casualties were incurred. Moving forward the party found the remains of more dungeon delvers and another set of locked doors. They found a crossbow bolt mentioned by Kerv that was given to help deal with a guardian in the guild. They investigated the massacre and using the magical locks opened the old stone doors leading to the new side of the guild.

They moved some kind of throne room and were quickly set upon by not one, but two guardian constructs. Karina was able to quickly handle one with the magical crossbow bolt. Azlyria manipulated the other one with some illusion magic while the rest of the part took the construct down. With the guardians handled the party pressed on. They came upon more Gnolls. One fled leaving it's partner in a pit trap. Edgar and Karina helped the Gnoll out only for Vindir to smite it with his hammer, killing it. The party began to traverse the pit when they came under attack from the dark halls ahead. Vindir charged forward to meet the assailant. Karina attempted to help Vindir as he was effectively blind in the darkness but accidently made him an easy target. The Gnoll continued fighting scoring several hits before finally being killed. A little worse for wear the party nonetheless pressed forward until finally finding a place to catch their breath.

After their rest the pushed forward again meeting the remaining Gnoll host and some Demonic form leading them. Their focus and numbers brought them out victorious again at which point they integrated the demonic figure who was only partially tethered to the material plane. They didn't learn much but discovered the demon knew of the group and swore their paths would cross again before Edgar completed banishing the being. After their fight they found the guild master Daleha and the eldar Eliza and chatted for a short time. It turned out Eliza wasn't a prisoner to the guild but an actual member. She was saving money to hire Bondsmagi to extract revenge on the Grey elves. For their work handling the Gnoll infestation they were rewarded by Daleha with money and a magical item from the guilds stores.

Recap 4
Selling out the quest giver to complete the quest

The party entered the city of Arenhal. The city state is run by the Lord Mayor Lukas Ferwright and his board of governors. The party got a little of the lay of the land from the yellow-jackets; the cities law enforcement guild. The city appeared to be preparing for a number of upcoming events. The gladiator ring “the pit” will be open the next day for a series of bouts including the penultimate fight for a wildman from the east on his path to freedom. Additionally preparations were being made for a slave market outside the city. It’s well known the Lord Mayor doesn’t approve of the market but he lacks enough pull to have it disbanded.

Following directions from the yellow-jackets the company found the inns “The Thimblerigger” and “The Bull and Dove” where rooms were acquired before the party followed Vindir to investigate the deplorable market outside the city walls. While still being setup, the group confronted the Dragonborn slave master Lethernin. Vindir ultimately purchased and freed a cart load of halfling slaves.

Back inside the city walls the party resupplied from the local merchants and planned out their next move. At the Thimblerigger, Edgar, Vindir, and Karina agreed to help the Bondsmagi Jesper to find a tome of some sort currently in the possession of Zurmeil, a Grey elf Vindir is trying to find. Their task eventually lead them through the Rotters at night where they came across a corpse mauled by some beast; the locals seemed less than interested in paying any attention to it and so the party let it be. They finally arrived at the dwelling of Jin, a Captain in the Grey Elf army known for being particularly cruel. The party managed to talk their way in, bluff their way through a conversation with Jin, and escaped alive.

They ended up providing Jesper with the location of the tome (deep within the walls of Lucas Fewright’s keep) and in exchange Jesper told them to talk to Dunkal at the Coldbrew Chemists for information on the Eldar in Arenhal.

Recap 3
Off to Arenhal

After dividing up the loot in Kodor’s lair the party returned to the surface dealing with a lone ghoul on the way. With Monty’s help the party tracked down Rewalt Mason at the Red Flagon inn and talked to him about what he was doing in the manor. They learned that he and his halfling friend had been robbing what they thought was an abandoned manor when they awoke the dead; his friend didn’t make it. He now continues to drown his sorrows at the inn.

The also learned that the elves left town only the be replaced by a band of Grey Elf hating Dwarves, the Honourbound. Making their way to the Honourbound camp they met the dwarves Dwalik and Ungrim and discussed the Grey Elf campaign as well as the possible whereabouts of Mauv, the leader of the Eldar resistance. Ungrim was reluctant to give specifics but documents Azlyria uncovered suggested they make their way toward “Raynor’s” which the party guessed was Raynor’s Ranch west of Arenhal. After resting up (or drinking with Dwarves in Azlyria’s case) and following a few more leads regard Khorvo, Frostwing, and Alakar, the party departed for the city of Arenhal.

On the road the party came across the strange Grey Elf druid Zelph on the outskirts of Arenhal and almost fought him but came to an uneasy peace. The party continued across the open plain arriving at the southern gates of Arenhal.

Recap 2
Maybe we should have rested?

Quickly looting the crematorium of its valuables the party was left with a choice. Make their way through the eastern or western door the skeletons had been scratching at. A decision was finally reached and the party slowly made their way through the eastern door. A dark, unlit hall stood before them. Slowly making their way down the hall they inspected a series of small alcoves along it’s length. While inspecting the second set of alcoves the party was set upon by more living dead. In response Edgar transformed himself in the a massive bear and rushed into the fray with Karina while Vindir and Azlyria dealt with undead climbing out of the wall before them.

The battle was over as quickly was it had begun but the sudden appearance of a massive bear seemingly from nowhere started Vindir into the defensive. He attacked Edgar mistaking him for another threat. Hostilities ceased once Karina was able to explain the situation. Their short break was brought to an end when Edgar’s raven Monty who had been standing vigil over their entrance informed Edgar of activity. Pressing themselves into the alcoves the party waited in silence for whatever threat was approaching.

Finally they realized there was no threat and they quickly retraced their steps only to find a now vacant room beyond the western door they had abandoned before. The room appeared looted it’s occupant(s) vacated. Monty raced back outside to scout but only saw “A tall man on a fast man” headed back to town. At this time Monty and Edgar parted ways as the raven set out to tail the creature.

Back downstairs the party pressed on, returning down the hallway and through the door at it’s end. Two figures stood in the center a circular room, sword and axe in hand. Their dead gazes rose to the parties entrance. Vindir charged in swinging wildly trying to take the dead by surprise. The two skeletons proved formidable and landed a few hit before falling to the overwhelming onslaught. After the battle the party delved even deeper into the manor, going down another level still.

Upon exiting the stairs the light shown upon a dead, headless body which met with some bloody end. The blood trailed off to the right and so the party moved to the left to leave whatever evil was there alone for now. Exploring more the party came upon a storeroom where they collected some treasure for themselves. Afterward Edgar and Karina made their way up a narrow spillway keeping their eyes peeled and ears perked. But about halfway up a bolt of energy shot down the hall striking Edgar. Pushing up more carefully, the two reached the end and trap that had sent the missile. At this time Vindir and Azlyria moved to join the two scouts.

To the right of the spillway, a large door stood closed, a stream of water pooling out from under it. Opening the door revealed a large room. A stream of water trickled from the roof and had most of the room covered in water. A series of bookshelves lined the left side and a solitary chest sat against the wall. Two skeletons stood vacant in the middle of the room and at the far end a robed figure with piercing blue eyes turned to observe the party as they entered. The ensuing battle taxed the exhausted party even farther. The dead grunts continued to rise each time they were felled and the figure rained spell upon spell down on the party in retaliation for Karina’s arrows and Azlyria’s own spells. Edgar moved to protect Karina but the mages spells still found their mark striking Karina down until the party was able to revive her.

Finally with another spell and well placed arrow the mage fell and the piecemeal skeletons Vindir had been crushing ceased to raise themselves. Battered and bloodied the party set about looting the room, confident they had dealt with the evil within the manor.

Recap 1
Into the manor we go

The company found themselves in the small riverside town of Mearlin in southern no-mans-land. Their caravan had been attacked a few days previous and suffered heavy loss of life. Only with the timely aid of a nearby garrison of Grey Elves did the party survive. Indebted to the Elves the company worked clearing debris and collecting the dead.

Once the Grey Elf captain, Velwar, was satisfied with the companies work he considered their debt paid. He did however offer the company 15 gold pieces in exchange for investigating a local manor that the townsfolk considered haunted. Desperate for coin the company accepted. In the morning a Grey Elf soldier took the group to the manor and left them to their task.

The company entered the seemingly abandoned home and briefly looked around before encountering a skeletal visage on a dog. With a few well placed bow shots and a druidic vine of thorns the skeleton was dispatched but not before it bit Vindir. With the beast dead, Edgar quickly noted that it was trapped in a room with a hidden entrance to a floor below.

The party descended to the floor below where they were able to get the drop on a pair of skeletal beings preoccupied trying to open a door. A few more arrows, a slash of thorns, and a devastating swing of a flail and the skeletons were handled. With three paths before them, the party moved to the northern door where they discovered an old abandoned crematorium and some additional living dead.

Vindir immediately charged the first zombie with Karina pinning it full of arrows. Edgar, noticing two more shambling corpses called on his nature spells to entangle them out of harm's reach but the zombies quickly tore free and struggled forward. Azlyria found her voice and unleashed a string of magically laced insults further weakening the dead and causing them to falter as they fought with Vindir. Together the four of them, and Monty the Raven, managed to put the dead to rest before turning their attention to the treasures left behind.

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