The Grey Tide

Recap 1
Into the manor we go

The company found themselves in the small riverside town of Mearlin in southern no-mans-land. Their caravan had been attacked a few days previous and suffered heavy loss of life. Only with the timely aid of a nearby garrison of Grey Elves did the party survive. Indebted to the Elves the company worked clearing debris and collecting the dead.

Once the Grey Elf captain, Velwar, was satisfied with the companies work he considered their debt paid. He did however offer the company 15 gold pieces in exchange for investigating a local manor that the townsfolk considered haunted. Desperate for coin the company accepted. In the morning a Grey Elf soldier took the group to the manor and left them to their task.

The company entered the seemingly abandoned home and briefly looked around before encountering a skeletal visage on a dog. With a few well placed bow shots and a druidic vine of thorns the skeleton was dispatched but not before it bit Vindir. With the beast dead, Edgar quickly noted that it was trapped in a room with a hidden entrance to a floor below.

The party descended to the floor below where they were able to get the drop on a pair of skeletal beings preoccupied trying to open a door. A few more arrows, a slash of thorns, and a devastating swing of a flail and the skeletons were handled. With three paths before them, the party moved to the northern door where they discovered an old abandoned crematorium and some additional living dead.

Vindir immediately charged the first zombie with Karina pinning it full of arrows. Edgar, noticing two more shambling corpses called on his nature spells to entangle them out of harm's reach but the zombies quickly tore free and struggled forward. Azlyria found her voice and unleashed a string of magically laced insults further weakening the dead and causing them to falter as they fought with Vindir. Together the four of them, and Monty the Raven, managed to put the dead to rest before turning their attention to the treasures left behind.

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